Extract dominant colors from an image.


Hi, I'm Luis Adame, the person who built this tool.
You can find the source code of this web app in the github repository.

Which purpose does this tool serve?

First of all this tool it's just a GUI for a command line tool called "node-vibrant" which is the responsible of extracting the colors. So, what this does is extract the dominant colors from an input image.

Why did you built this?

Right, always the same question. Why did you build this if there are others out there? Well, the answer is simple, because.
Furthermore, because it helps me to widen some skills about web development, and because I always wanted to have a web app that allowed me to extract dominant colors from an image with clean interface. And, here I am building this tool for myself.

Third party libraries


If anything from this web app has inspired you to make something or you just find this tool useful, please, let me know @lewis_adame.